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My Approach

My Integrative approach allows me to use various different recognised therapeutic approaches which helps the process of working together in a flexible way and one which suits your needs. I believe the past does have a profound impact on our present thoughts,feelings and behaviour therefore a greater knowledge and understanding of this connection will enable a more rewarding outcome. We will work together on your issues and the non judgemental, confidential space provided allows us to explore all this at your pace that matches and respects your needs. I understand the need to be listened to, heard and understood with respect and seriousness, at all times, surrounding your situation. Along with this I am trained to ask relevant questions in order to understand your life story, help you face the challenges and look at a positive way forward.

"I felt you always listened, remembered and understood my position even when I felt so confused; with time and effort I am now in a far better place. thank you"*

How I work

I offer a flexible approach, whether you need short or long-term therapy. Perhaps you are not sure what you need at present, that is okay.

  • The first step would be to contact me to arrange an initial consultation session on 07715933824/07593 233911 or click here to email me
  • At this session we can look at what prompted you to contact me, how you see your issues and a little background information. You only need to discuss things that you are comfortable in sharing. I will need to ask some questions but we will go at your pace. You will also have time to ask me questions about my work and my approach. If you think I will be someone you can work with, then we can discuss together the best way forward and arrange some further sessions.
  • During the next few sessions we will explore further the issues that you wish to address, looking at ways to move forward and your choices. We may also look at your past experiences in order to explore repeat behaviour patterns, as understanding these can give you more choices in the future. (This is more likely in long-term therapy).

The first step, if you would like to try and experience this process, is to contact me by phone on 07715/933824/ 07593233911 or click here to email me to arrange a session.

There is a voicemail facility on 07593233911 so please feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible if it is safe to do so.

*Quote taken from the client and with their permission.


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